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Monday, November 26, 2012



It is abnormal dilatation of testicular veins.
The veinus plexuses in testis drain into testicular vein. On left side the testicular vein drain into left renal vein. On right side the right testicular vein drains into inferior vena cava. The Varicocele is common on left side because the pressure in renal vein is more as compared to inferior vena cava.

Causes of Varicocele:

o   Renal tumor in left side can obstruct the renal vein.
o   Testicular artery overlying the vein can increase pressure in vein.
o   Incompetency of valves

Clinical features:

Ø  Dragging vague sensation
Ø  Mild ache

Ø  The affected testis hangs lower than normal.
Ø  The testis appears as bag of worms on palpation
Ø  When the side is elevated the veins will get empty.


It is clinically one should identify the cause.


Ligation of testicular vein is an option the vein can be ligated high in its course or low ligation in inguinal canal.


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