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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lung abscess

The formation of pus in the lung parenchyma is called lung abscess.

Predisposing factors:

         i.            Pneumonia
       ii.            Orodental abscess
      iii.            Aspiration
     iv.            Tumor (lung)
       v.            Foreign body
     vi.            Achalasia
    vii.            Congenital lung malformation

  viii.            Malnutrition
     ix.            Immunocompromised people (HIV)
       x.            TB

Bacterial involvement:

Gram –ive bacteria:

·         Bacteriods
·         Fusobacterium
·         E coli

Gram +ive bacteria:

·         Staphylococcus
·         Streptococcus

Opportunistic organisms:

·         Candida species

Clinical features:

o   Anorexia
o   Weight loss

o   Fever
o   Chest pain


§  X – Ray
§  CT scan
CT Scan of Lung


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