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Monday, November 26, 2012



The flow of blood from the blood vessel due to any cause leading to damage of blood vessel
Escape of blood from the blood vessel

Types of hemorrhage:

1.       Arterial hemorrhage
2.       Venous hemorrhage
3.       Capillary hemorrhage
4.       Primary hemorrhage (occurs at the time of surgery)
5.       Reactionary hemorrhage (occurs 4-6 hours after surgery)

Clinical features (C/F):

It depends on the blood loss;
·         Increased pulse
·         Decreased BP
·         Pallor (yellow color)
·         Air hunger
·         Confusion
·         Restlessness
·         Shock


         i.            One should quickly asses the patient and the site of bleeding is identified.
       ii.            If this is external bleeding then pressure and packing by Gauze piece and digital pressure tourniquet are used.
      iii.            The limb if involved is elevated.
     iv.            If the blood is extensive, patient should be given fluids immediately and blood should be arranged and transfused.
       v.            If there is vascular injury, the vessel should be repaired.


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