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Monday, November 26, 2012

Chest Injuries


A.      Road traffic injuries
B.      Fire arm injuries

Site of involvement:

a.       Skin
b.      Ribs (Intercostal muscles)
c.       Major blood vessels

d.      Heart
e.      Esophagus
f.        Lungs

Management of chest injuries:

It depends on the site of involvement.
1.       Ribs fracture are treated conservatively
2.       If Pneumothorax then aspiration/Intercostal tube insertion is done.
3.       If Hemothorax then repair of blood vessel and intubation is needed.
4.       If aorta is injured, the mortality rate is high. The aortography is done and the site of bleeding is repaired.
5.       Esophageal and tracheal injuries are managed by cardiothoracic surgeon
6.       Chest physiotherapy is also done


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