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Monday, November 26, 2012

Springle shoulder

It is a developmental abnormality in which there is failure of descent of scapula to its mid thorax position.


During development scapula is in the cervical region then it descends to the mid thoracic region.

Clinical features:

Abnormality lying scapula, the features depend on severity of problem it can be mild, moderate or severe. Sometimes it is associated with other deformities as well like scoliosis, Poland syndrome (pectoralis major muscle absent). In mild deformity clothes can cover it. In other condition the movements can be affected.


·         X – Ray
·         CT – Scan (thorax)
Omovertebral body can be seen, which is a bony bar that attaches the scapula to spine (cervical)


In mild cases physiotherapy is required to improve movements. Sometime surgery can be required in which the omovertebral body can be excised. If there are associated muscle abnormality it is corrected as well (in simple words re-positioning of scapula is done)


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