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Monday, November 26, 2012


Definition: it is the accumulation of pus in tissue (usually forming cavities).
Most common cause is staphylococcus aureus.

Common sites of abscess:

Abscess in;
         i.            Skin
       ii.            Lung
      iii.            Brain
     iv.            Teeth
       v.            Liver
     vi.            Gall bladder (emphyema)
    vii.             Pleural cavity (emphyema)
  viii.             Bone (isteomyelitis)

Clinical features (C/F):

It depends on the site of involvement but common features are:
·         Fever
·         Anorexia
·         Weight loss


It depends again on the site of involvement and the cause of abscess.
a.       Tuberculous abscess cavity in lung is treated with Anti-Tuberculous Therapy (ATT).
b.      Amoebic liver abscess is treated with Chloroquine, Metranidazole.
c.       Broad spectrum antibiotics / Golden rule are to drain the abscess.


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