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Tuesday, December 4, 2012



Sustained high blood pressure is known as hypertension.
Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood on the walls of the vessels.
Normal BP is 120/80 mmhg
In Hypertension BP > 130/90

         i.          Grade 1 hypertension: Also called Mild hypertension

Systolic BP = 130-140 mmhg          Diastolic BP = 85-90 mmhg
       ii.           Grade 2 hypertension: Also called Moderate hypertension

Systolic BP = 140-160 mmhg          Diastolic BP = 90-95 mmhg
      iii.           Grade 3 hypertension: Also called Severe hypertension
Systolic BP = 160-180 mmhg          Diastolic BP = 95-100 mmhg
     iv.            Grade 4 hypertension: Also called Malignant hypertension
Systolic BP >180mmhg          Diastolic BP > 110mmhg


Primary /Essential/ Ideopathic Hypertension:

In about 95% cases no cause of hypertension can be identified and the form of hypertensionis called primary or essential hypertension.

Secondary hypertension:

In about 5% cases, cause of hypertension can be discovered and the form of hypertension is called secondary hypertension.

Causes of secondary hypertension:

Ø  Renal and renovascular diseases:
o   Chronic renal failure
o   Glumerulonephritis
Ø  Endocrine disease:
o   Pheochromocytoma
o   Cushing’s syndrome
o   Conn’s syndrome
Ø  Drugs:
Oral contraceptive containing estrogens, NSAIDs and sympathomimetic agents
Ø  Alcohol consumption (chronic)
Ø  Coarctation of aorta ( localized narrowing of aorta)
Ø  Pregnancy


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Drug discovery in recent years made great improvement for hypertension conditions, and there will be better treatment in the near future.

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