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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clostridium Tetani

  It is gram positive, rod shaped, non capsulated anaerobic bacteria. This tetanus bacilli is present in dust, garbage and horse dung



·         It is a toxin produced by tetanus bacilli in an infected wound.
·         The toxin diffuses along nerves, causing paralysis (spastic) and may reach the spinal cord and brain when it causes violent muscular spasm (tetanus) and the condition of lockjaw.
·         It inhibits Ach release at NMJ and also inhibits the synthesis and release of GABA in rest of the nervous system. All these causes spastic paralysis, exaggerated reflexes and scissors or fits.
Immunization is available both Active (Anti – Tetanus Serum) and Passive (Tetanus Toxoids).


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