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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Escherichia Coli (E – coli)

  They are gram negative, rod shaped, capsulated and facultative anaerobe ( prefer oxygen rich condition for production of energy)


·         O – Antigen (somatic antigen):
                                Present in body
·         K – Antigen (capsular antigen):

                                Present in capsule
·         H – Antigen (flagellar antigen):
                                Present in flagella


·         Endotoxin: Present inside the body
·         Exotoxin: Present in capsule
·         Adhesion factor: Helps E – coli in adhesion
·         Enterotoxin: Cause problems in intestine


                Part of normal flora present in intestine, contaminated food and water

Mode of transmission:

·         Orofaecal route
·         Urethra called as retrograde infection may ascend up to the kidney urethritis cystic and polynephritis. This whole is called UTIs.
·         Mother to baby during child birth


·         UTI
·         Traveler’s diarrhea (acquire during travel due to food poisoning)
·         Dysentery (blood in faeces)
·         Meningitis
                No immunity for E – coli infection (no vaccine)


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