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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Health & Rural health

WHO definition:

Health is state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infinity.

Webster (epidemiologist) definition:

The condition of being sound in the body, mind or spirit especially freedom from physical disease or pain is called health.

Oxford definition:

Soundness of body or mind to that condition in which its functions is accurately performed is called health.
In recent years the WHO definition has been amplified to include the ability to live a socially and economic productive life.
Rural health:

Rural area:

The area where the health facilities are very uncommon and is located at distance from urban areas is called rural area. Rural areas are deficient of various types of health facilities and also associated with many types of health problems.

Rural health problems:

·         Lack of specialist (concern doctor)
·         Lack of education
·         Lack of proper health care units
Ø  Primary health care units: BHO’s and Dispensaries
Ø  Secondary health care units: DHQ’s (District Head Quarter) hospital, THQ’s hospital
Ø  Tertiary health care units: Teaching hospitals (KTH)
·         Low economic and social status
·         Lack of transport facilities for workers of public health in rural area
·         Unemployment
·         Absence of control on communicable diseases
·         Physical environment (pollution by insecticides, pesticides etc)
Health of the Nation:
The health of the nation can be achieved by the following three ways.
         i.            Management
       ii.            Disease
      iii.            Drugs



The hospitals play a key role in health of the nation. It provides the first aid in the form of medicine, vaccine and surgery etc.


The basic health unit is under the supervision of district health quarters. They are monitored by doctor and nurses etc.


This is also under the control of district health unit providing all the necessary facilities to the public.
The diseases whose treatments are funded by the government are the following.
Ø  Polio
Ø  Small pox
Diabetes mellitus and HIV are now given preference in Pakistan.


Those medicines which are harmful for the health of the people are condemned to use e.g. Morphine and cocaine etc.


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